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Our founders Maurizio also the Director of Inspectrixx UK and Daniel both have extensive knowledge in the electrical and computer programing industry

Maurizio is from an electrical background and has 14 years experience in the field of electrical installation and electrical inspection industry with a proven track record in Electrical, Facilities management, Health care, local council and private sectors.

Daniel is from a computer programming background which started 5 years ago which started with simple game application projects which led to the creation of U Certify Software.

U Certify Ltd Began when Maurizio who was carrying out electrical inspections at Inspectrixx UK decided he wanted a software which would best suit a day to electrician or gas engineer and struggled to find software which met his needs. This is when Maurizio and Daniel decided to team up and use the experience of an on site day to day electrical inspector and use the skills Daniel has in programming to create a master piece
“ U Certify Ltd, U Certify Electrics, U Certify Portable Appliances and U Certify Gas

U Certify Ltd have been providing our customers with a complete sales, support and software service, extending our comprehensive service to a national base.

About Us.
Our team of highly trained staff are here to help find the very best solutions to your given application, we pride ourselves on our service enabling us to lead in the Electrical and Gas Certification field

This website and software has been crafted with you the customer in mind. We aim to make it as easy as possible for you to find the product you need.
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