Here are some of our Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: Is there a user manual available?
A: Yes, you will find one in the software under help, alternatively Click here to download a copy.

Q: Can i export jobs to another machine?
A: Yes, simply ensure you save the current certificate and click export and select a location to save the export file.

Q: How many main Licenses am I required to buy?
A: Only 1 main License of U Certify Electrics Pro is required per Company and additional machines will require our additional licenses.

Q: Do I have to buy additional licenses per user or per machine?
A: You only have to buy an additional license per machine not per user.

Q: Why does my check not complete once i have inputed my card details, it states Incorrect Zip Code?
A: Please ensure you use the correct Post Code to which the card is registered to, otherwise the transaction will fail.

Having problems downloading? Follow these simple steps.

When you try to run the software you may be presented with this;

All you have to do is click “More info” and you’ll be left with another option;

From here, click “Run anyway”.

Having problems with missing icons / buttons or apparent freezing.

Please ensure your screen scaling is set to 100% as this can cause issues.

Please follow the steps below assist you with the correct settings you require

1. Right click on “Desktop”.
2. Select “Screen Resolution”.
3. Click “Make text and other items larger or smaller.
4. Click “smaller – 100% (default).